The Economics of the Free Market

Slides are available here.

Video from the webinar can be viewed here.

Here’s a list of the resources and links mentioned in the webinar

– Chaos Theory by Bob Murphy

– Privatization of Roads and Highways by Walter Block

– The Enterprise of Law by Bruce Benson

– Walter Block Interview on Road Privatization,

Р A Future of Private Roads and Highways by Walter Block,

– This video is a study on a formerly-controlled intersection in England that now has no government control. The improvement is stark.

– This podcast is an intro to anarchy/the case for anarchy – Lew Rockwell interviews Roderick Long. Highlights a stateless policing solution at about 13:00. Compares Somalian peace/prosperity under government versus under no government around 15:00.

– This article is by Stefan Molyneux and it examines stateless alternatives for dispute resolution, collective services, and how to deal with pollution

– Disproving the state – four arguments against government by Stefan Molyneux

– The stateless society and violent crime by Stefan Molyneux

– Stefan expounds on his dispute resolution organization proposal

– The Daily Bell analyzes anarchy, argues that private societies are capable of providing the essential building blocks of society

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