The Future is Upon Us

Over the past year or so I’ve become a huge fan of epic music. This is the kind of music you hear in movie trailers, epic movies (think Lord of the Rings) and video games, or so I’m told. Not having ever played video games, I wouldn’t actually know, haha. But, epic music is perfect study background music. Most of time I can’t listen to vocal music while studying because it is so distracting. I used to listen to classical music instead, but it is hard to find classical music intense enough to keep me awake. Epic is like classical music except far more intense and motivating than most classical songs. So at 11pm when  you’re desperately trying to stay focused, epic music makes you feel like with this essay assignment you are conquering the dread evil that threatens humanity’s existence. It makes you feel like you could truly just walk into Mordor. Anyways…I just discovered that one of my favorite epic groups, Audiomachine, released a new album this year, called Existence. So I listened to it several times last night while studying chemistry. This, I determined, is my favorite song from that album. Lest you think I listen to nothing but Bastille, I thought I’d share it with you!