A Brief Update

The last couple months have been pretty busy as I finished up my Gadfly of Serenity paper for the MPCA/ACA conference that took place in early October. The conference was really interesting and the presentation of my paper went well! The version here on my site is the full essay, I had to do some heavy editing to get it condensed for the 20 minutes of time allotted for me during the panel.  And in the absence of a proper blog post, I’ll just give a quick update as to what I’m doing now.

I am currently developing an economics curriculum for Schoolhouse Teachers, an online resource for homeschool families. The course is scheduled to begin in November and run for 6 months. I am excited to be doing such a large economics project!

I’ve also resurrected the Rockford Mises Circle of a few years ago. If you live in the Rockford area and are interested in getting together with other libertarians/voluntaryists, send me a message and I’ll give you more details. We meet once a month, I spend 20-25 minutes talking about Austrian economic theory, then a friend of mine shares some practical ideas about living out the philosophy of liberty, and we just chat about whatever for the rest of the evening.

I also stay busy with some tutoring, editing, and consulting at Rockford ID Shop. Next week I’ll start doing some web consulting/marketing for someone.

But lest you think I do nothing but work…I’ve somehow found time to finally watch all the Batman movies, both Captain America movies, and some episodes from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. And I’ve been keeping up with Doctor Who, season 8. My weakness is definitely sci-fi TV! : ) I’ve also enjoyed reading some good fiction recently, such as, Lord of the Flies, Starship Troopers, Sister Carrie, and East of Eden. Last week I went to a Gray Havens concert with some friends, and next Tuesday I am going to see Bastille!!! If you know me at all, you know that Bastille is one of my top 5 favorite bands, so I am very excited to see them in concert!

And that’s it for now. Now that my essay is done, I hope to get back to doing more blogging, but it might be a little while before my schedule slows down enough for that.


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