Shepherd Book: Gadfly of Serenity

I’ve had a lot of projects going on the past few months, so I haven’t had the time to write new posts. This weekend I am going to Indianapolis to the MPCA/ACA (Midwest Popular Culture Association/Midwest American Culture Association) to present a paper on the influence of Socrates and Kierkegaard in the Firefly character, Shepherd Book. I just uploaded the final manuscript to my portfolio, here. 

So while it is a bit more academic than my usual posts, it will perhaps make up for my absence here recently!

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  1. I was going to tell you that your blogposts are pretty scarce- but hey, your paper is a pretty good proof you’ve been working on something! LOL, I’m so proud of you! Have an awesome weekend…read your paper with everything you’ve got- I know they’re going to love it…and don’t feel bad I didn’t want to hear it…I know it’s good! 🙂 Go for it, girl!

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