Monday Night Adventures

A few weeks ago, at the Transform Rockford event I attended, I ran into someone who is involved with Rockford Hip Hop Congress. This was really cool because this was about the time I started really getting into slam poetry and was wondering if there was any local slam events going on. As it turns out, Rockford HHC does host slam poetry events, among other things. This week is “All Elements 2014” for Rockford HHC. They basically have some kind of hip hop event every day this week. Tonight was the only night I knew I could attend, so I decided to check it out. Tonight they had “beats & chess” and a local film fest at the Nordlof Center, formerly the Sullivan Theatre. So I watched most of the films, which were either filmed in or produced by artists from the greater Rockford area. After that I hung out in the lobby area where there was music and chess.

It was actually a really cool kind of thing, I really liked the vibe of playing a game of chess with some chill background music. It was like, “hey, let’s just slow down and spend some time playing a game.” I think we’re used to such fast-paced entertainment that this was a very enjoyable contrast.

So here are a few photos I took…and if this really interests you, check out their website for a schedule of this week’s events.






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