Thus Concludes My Chemistry Adventures

After several days of my desk and most of my floor being covered with chemistry notes in preparation for the final, I am officially done with my chemistry class! : ) It was really fun and challenging, but I am quite happy to be done. I like a bit of science and math, but not too much, haha. With National Poetry Month starting, it took a lot of discipline to study for this final instead of writing poetry. Now I think I’ll be focusing on econ and history to get ready for Mises U this summer. I’m looking forward to the change of pace!

I thought I’d celebrate the end of my chemistry course by posting all the pictures I’ve taken the last few months. But before that, I just want to give a shout-out to my sister for her participation in the chemistry class with me. I’m not sure it came about that we took it together…if I remember right, I was thinking of doing it on my own, and then found out she needed to take chemistry for school, so it made sense for us to do this one together. I’ll say that if my sister had not been doing this with me, I probably wouldn’t have finished. For someone who isn’t really into math or science, my sister was dedicated to this class and persevered even when it got quite challenging. Despite being hit with a nasty flu for the past week , she’s been such a trooper to study for and take the final. Suffice to say, I am really proud of her : )

Okay…celebratory pictures…


My desk for the last few days. This doesn’t even tell the whole story. Imagine about 50 sheets of paper scattered on the floor for a more accurate idea.


Thanks to this chemistry class, I’ve become obsessed with index cards. I have my stack of chemistry index cards meticulously organized, until I start throwing them around in the middle of taking an exam, haha.


I have an index card for literally everything. Counting significant figures, unit conversions, ideal gas laws, stoichiometry, you name it…I have an index card for it! : )


Oddly enough, I really enjoyed balancing chemical equations. Khan Academy has this in their practice area, so a few times I’ve done that just for the fun of it. Who needs video games when you can balance chemical equations? : P


So happy that by the end of this course I finally became quite proficient at dimensional analysis. It was incredibly confusing at first, but now I wouldn’t know what to do without it!

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