Creation vs. Evolution Debate: Tonight!

For those who haven’t heard, Ken Ham of Answers in Genesis will be debating Bill Nye the Science Guy tonight. You can read more here.

Note: When I give a name and colon afterwards, I’m loosely quoting the general statements of the presenters. If it is an exact quote, I’ll put it in quotation marks. My own side comments are either addressed to a specific presenter or put in parenthesis.



If all goes according to plan, I will attempt live-blogging the debate, so check this post tonight for updates.

I am bit disappointed the whole event will last only 2.5 hours, I’d really love to see an 8 hour debate like Lincoln and Douglas had. But I guess, considering our society now, 2.5 hours is actually quite a decent amount of time.

Anyways…if the live-blogging works out, I’ll be updating this post in real time throughout the debate. So, see you tonight!

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