2013: Going Forward

As I was thinking about doing this post, I realized I needed to get some thoughts out there about 2012 before moving on. So here goes 2013…

This is going to be a good year. How can I know this? you ask. I know this because all things are ultimately good. Even what is intended as evil God will use for good. Nothing is random or by chance, all things are directed by the hand of our sovereign God.

And related to that, I know that 2013 can be a good year because I have the ability to make it so. What I mean is that even though something really hard and painful might happen, if I can recognize God’s purpose and praise Him even though the rough times, I can make it good. My happiness or satisfaction in this year doesn’t depend on other people, I can’t blame others if I spend the year grumbling and complaining, it is my fault and my fault alone.

I want to make this a year of God-seeking, self-discovering, and world-exploring. I want to continue my mission of rebelling against mediocrity and pragmatism. I plan to keep thinking, questioning, challenging, and searching until I discover what is real and true, rather than just believing everything I’m told. I want to make this a year of joy and peace. Taking time to do the things that refresh and reenergize me so that I do not grow discouraged and cynical. Remembering that this is not our destination, that this will never be a perfect place, but that while I’m here I need to live with passion, love, and happiness. Living with less worrying and more peace. Less apathy and more passion. Less fear and more courage. Less self-pity and more happiness. There are enough people out there worrying about the little things, enough people anxious about the unimportant details, enough people fighting wars over nothing, enough people creating crises and conflicts out of minor differences; the world needs more dreamers, more people wise enough to fight the real wars, more people brave enough to trust God, more people courageous enough to take the road less traveled.

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