A few things I’m thankful for…

Life never seems to be at any kind of equilibrium…I’m the kind of person who creates a frenetic schedule until I can’t handle it, then I do nothing until I can’t stand the boredom, and then back to the hectic schedule. But despite all these ordinary ups and downs, there are some things that I’m so very thankful for…


  • My salvation and the grace of God to me every single day. I know that no matter what the trouble or trial, the Lord will provide and give me the strength to endure it. And I will often consider how horribly empty, tragic, and dark this world would be if we did not have a Savior. Imagine living every day knowing that a just and holy God would be condemning this fallen race to eternal punishment? And no matter what we try to do, it can never satisfy His perfect justice? What hopeless lives we would lead. But there is a Savior and there is hope for salvation from that eternal condemnation. 
  • My church and the consistent preaching of God’s Word. It is so encouraging to have such a strong church family and to know that the Bible will be preached every Sunday, without fail. There are no distractions, no man-centered entertainment, it is about learning about God through His Word and responding to that with worship. 
  • My family, my farm, my home. I am very happy that I’m still living at home and have the opportunity to be involved in the lives of my siblings as they are growing up. I absolutely love being on this farm and am not sure I could ever handle living anywhere other than in the country. 
  • The chance to study and learn more. I can’t say enough how much I enjoy learning. Our culture has completely changed the whole education paradigm. Instead of learning for the sake of acquiring knowledge, people study so that they can pass an exam or get a piece of paper. I’m not interested in that. I love learning because it excites me when I can understand the world better, because it challenges me to work hard, because it is, well, it is so fascinating. Khan Academy, Liberty Classroom, Mises Academy…I’m so thankful for these resources that allow me to learn so many things I never would have dreamed I would be studying. 
  • Books, BOOKS, BOOKS! Ok, so I love books, I guess that’s obvious. On a fundamental level, it never ceases to amaze me that God chose to reveal Himself to us through the written word. God could have continued to use the verbal tradition to communicate Himself to us, but He wanted His revelation in a book. In this very broad sense, every book is trying to be like the Bible. This is really the best way for information to be conveyed, and also for a story to be told. Books aren’t only for mere facts or data, books are about sharing ideas and thoughts, being invited into another world and being enriched by that experience. Looking back over this year, I’m so thankful for all the books I have been able to read and enjoy. With the visit of Pastor Beeke recently, I’ve been reminded of the treasures of the Puritans and look forward to reading many Puritan works in the next year. 
  • My job. Even though I get really frustrated or discouraged sometimes, it is far better than being bored or complacent. My job challenges me to solve problems and make it a better place. I’m able to use my abilities and talents to improve the company and I find satisfaction in that and it makes it totally worth any temporary problems. 
  • Technology. I know people generally either love or hate technology, and I believe that if used wisely, it can be very helpful. Having just purchased my first Macbook Air, I’m very thankful for Apple and their amazing products which are not only helpful but also beautiful and enjoyable to use. 
  • I’m thankful for the opportunity I had this year to attend the Ligonier National Conference, the Austrian Scholars Conference, and the PA Young Adult Retreat. 

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