Agenda for the Week

So after living somewhat in denial for a couple days, I’m facing up to all the work I need to do this week. I go through the “there’s so much I don’t even want to think about it…hey, why don’t I watch a movie!” phase but eventually will come out of it with this determination that I absolutely must conquer all my tasks. The plan for the week is to:

– Read 3 chapters of J.C. Ryle’s Holiness per day, which means I’ll finish it on Sunday.

– Read Ron Paul’s Liberty Defined. Hoping to do that today so I can start on Oliver Twist.

– Read the intro to Oliver Twist and about 225 pages of the actual text.

– Watch 2 Western Civilization videos.

– Watch 2 Understanding Free Will videos.

– Read 2 chapters in The Consequences of Ideas (philosophy course).

And that pretty much does it, I think. I hope I’ll stay busy enough…? 😉

I read my 3 chapters of Holiness for today, so I’m hoping to post about it later, there were some really good points in there. There will probably be a post about Liberty Defined too.

Another endeavor for this week is to go primal again. I’ve been on-and-off with trying to eat well, but I’ve really fallen away from it the last couple weeks (can anyone say mocha frappe?) and in combination with not being very active because of the extreme heat, I feel like I need to get back to eating well. For me, this means 1) very little processed food, 2) little or no wheat/starch products, 3) lots of protein & fresh veggies/fruit. Like, when I go shopping I’ll see some health drink or bar that supposedly is a great source of protein, I may try it, but I don’t want to make that a regular part of my diet, I’d rather go straight for the meat/eggs, etc…instead of processed food. I’m notorious for buying food and then letting it sit for ages. Amazingly, this head of organic lettuce I literally bought a month ago which has been sitting in the back of our fridge is actually edible, I had it for lunch. I was also surprised to discover the jar of almond butter I bought *maybe a month ago* has been in the fridge for more like 6 months. Also curious to experiment with smoothies/shakes as well…I made a delicious fruit shake last week, but it had far more sugar than I’d like to have in a day, so I’m going to try something more primal. If I can get some protein in my smoothie that’d be awesome 🙂

So that’s how my week is going so far…stick around because hopefully there will be a lot more posts to come! 🙂


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