Savannah: Resurrected

So it has been a long time, but as Pascal said, “the silence of these infinite spaces frightens me” so my fear of this dreadful silence drove me back.

Actually…I felt rather guilty about having such good readers (at one point) and then dropping them so callously. I feel like I’m starting all over again, but that’s okay. And I also felt bad about putting so much time into this site and totally neglecting it. I had been something of a plugin junkie, so I’ve been dreading coming back and trying to clean up all my old plugins but it is done at last.

Also…I’ve been working on redoing my company’s website, I’m transferring the hosting from Blue Genesis (really bad customer service, a website backend from the Middle Ages, and absolutely no options) to Bluehost (great customer service, free WordPress plugin, and a billion options) so I guess the feel of messing with a website again just made me realize how much I missed this one.

So…an update:

– Still working. Going well. Every day is different. It is interesting, I’ll just say that. 🙂

– Still learning. Buying books like crazy. I’ve only read about 60% of the books I own, so my goal this year is to get that percentage much closer to 100%. Unfortunately, regular book binges at Amazon will not make that task any easier.  I also took a couple Mises Academy classes in November. And am still struggling to fit in Khan Academy Chemistry.

– Still teaching. My sisters are the unwilling victims of my need to teach, haha. So we started with US history over a year ago, have spent the last semester of 2011 in the Civil War and will probably spend at least another semester there. I don’t know when we’ll actually get done with it. I recently added literature and music history. I think it is really fun, but they aren’t too thrilled about all the assignments. But it is good for them. They’ll thank me some day.

– Still writing, kinda. I keep telling myself that each week will get less chaotic and I’ll actually have time to work on my next novel. I don’t know if this will happen or if I’m just fooling myself. I’ll know for sure in a few weeks.

– Still planning. I don’t think I’ll be attending Mises U this year, but am tentatively planning a trip south to hit the Mises Circle in Greenville, Austrian Scholars Conference in Auburn, and a Ligonier Ministries conference in Orlando. And if this does work, I’ll be flying which is a really big deal for me! I’m just trying to coordinate it so I can fly out of small airports and avoid the hassle of all the new security techniques.

More later…maybe… 🙂

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