Path of Grass is Released!

So uber-excited….here’s the online store for purchasing Path of Grass! So for my loyal followers who didn’t sign up to read it for free online but preferred to wait and buy a copy, now is your time! To get to the store, you can also click the button at right.

Path of Grass will be on Amazon in 5-7 days, but the royalties are higher for me at Createspace (the link posted above) so I’d prefer that you buy through that. I need to live up to my reputation as a greedy capitalist exploiting the people 😉

This is really amazing, I just realized this. So my previous button said, “coming Spring 2011” so I figured I should get it out by the first day of Summer so that the planned release date would be accurate. And it actually was released today, the first day of Summer! That’s pretty nice too.

So stop at Createspace to buy a copy of Path of Grass, and you can also enter the giveaway for a free copy, here. Hey, you can buy a copy for yourself and maybe win a copy to share with a friend!

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