Yes, I’m Alive

Sorry folks, I’ve been rather non-existent the last few days/weeks. I was asked to work overtime, so I was working all day almost every day. Obviously that didn’t leave much time to do fun things like blogging. 🙂 But now I’m back to normal hour, starting Monday, so I’m looking forward to having time for blogging, studying, teaching, and stuff like that.

I got my sisters hooked on Khan Academy, and they are having so much fun with Khan math that I decided to switch from chemistry to geometry so I could do exercises and earn badges and things like that. Can you believe I actually spent a whole hour last night doing geometry problems? I wish I had Khan math when I was little, I can just imagine how much fun it would be to go from 2 +2 to algebra with Sal Khan. As it is, I just have time for geometry.

I’m getting very close to having Path of Grass published, my typesetter is mailing a hard copy of the finished typeset version, I should be ready to send it to Amazon within a couple weeks. How exciting!! 🙂

More later…

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