Path of Grass Needs Your Help

From the Path of Grass blog:

I got an estimate today for typesetting Path of Grass. I would greatly appreciate any help in covering these costs. I am prepared for some of the expense, so my goal is to have $100 donated because I will be taking care of the rest. If more than $100 is donated,  I’ll be using the extra funds to compensate the volunteers who have so kindly offered to help with various aspects of publishing Path of Grass.

Please consider making a donation to help publish Path of Grass. Why?

Path of Grass is part of a bigger cultural revolution that will change the way people think about government and liberty. This revolution isn’t coming from within government, we are changing the world from within society. There are many approaches to doing that. Path of Grass is one of them. People like novels. They like good stories. We can present them with the message of liberty in a non-threatening and enjoyable way. That’s Path of Grass.

Path of Grass is on the forefront of a new age. We are changing the way books are published and distributed. Instead of Marxist editors controlling everything, we are connecting the author and the consumers. Writing and publishing a book is no longer a lonely, solitary effort. It is a community project. It brings people together from all over the world. We can do this together. Will you help?

Head on over to to make your contribution.

To show my appreciation for your help, if you donate $25 or more, I will mail you an autographed copy of Path of Grass when it is published.

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