Coming Soon: Path of Grass

While progress was slightly delayed, I’m on track to get Path of Grass published in the next month or two. Actually, it might be more like two or three months, just because I have to be patient and wait for other people who can’t devote every waking moment to preparing my book for publication. Why is this exciting and why should you be excited about Path of Grass?

As a friend of mine at a recent Mises Circle said, we’re not going to achieve more liberty by voting for “better” rulers. Look at the “freedom loving” Tea Party candidates who got elected on a platform of limited government…and promptly voted for renewing the tyrannical Patriot Act. My friend said, rightly, that to change our situation, we must change the culture. We must not spread the message of liberty in Congress but in our backyards. In our towns. In our neighborhoods. This will be a highly decentralized grassroots movement towards liberty and it will start with the average American. That’s where Path of Grass fits in. We don’t have to give our neighbors “The Creature from Jekyll Island” to read…knowing full well they won’t tackle the 800+ pages of heavy reading. We can hand our neighbor a novel…how innocuous is that? But through that novel they’ll be introduced to the ideas of liberty and non-intervention. They’ll encounter these ideas in a way that will make it easier for them to understand your position and instead of feeling threatened by your persistence and foolproof logic, they’ll have the opportunity to accept these ideas in a positive way.

So that’s one reason to be excited about Path of Grass. But here’s another.

It is easy to get frustrated with the modern statist/Marxist entertainment out there. Why do authors and movie makers think capitalists are evil and government officials are angels? If you want to read a good libertarian novel, the options are pretty sparse, Ayn Rand being the main alternative to Marxist literature. And it is nice to relax with a good book after a long day of fighting against tyranny…without becoming outraged at the ignorance of the author. Path of Grass is another alternative to mainstream statist literature, and instead of reading a novel and being discouraged about the direction of our country, Path of Grass will leave you inspired to stand for what you believe regardless of those around you.

And even if all this doesn’t convince you to buy Path of Grass, it will be available for free online so you can check it out before buying your own copy. I plan to have a free pdf version, and hopefully epub and google books formats as well. And if you’re like me and you just want to hold the thing in your hands and feel the pages, there will be an old-fashioned version printed with real ink on real paper that you can really touch.

But that’s not all! I have a feeling this is beginning to sound like those TV advertisements I see when watching Star Trek. “But that’s not all! Order now and get TWO thingamajigs for $9.95 plus a whatchamacallit.  A $100 value…your’s for $9.95. Order NOW!” I know a lot of my readers have blogs, or something similar. If you would be interested in promoting Path of Grass on your site, I will send you a free copy of the book when it is published. Or if you have a popular Twitter/Facebook account and post the link to my book or something like that. Let me know if you’re interested in this and we can work out the details. My goal is to get the message of this book to as many people as possible. Will you help me?

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