A Working Girl!

So today I’m officially entering the the realm of workers. No, it doesn’t make me chafe against the greed of the capitalist, I’m actually very thankful for capitalists who will employ me. 🙂 So the details that everyone is asking me about…

I’ll working at Rockford ID Shop, they make hundreds of these little parts for airplanes. Apparently their parts are in nearly every plane, so that’s pretty cool. It is a family-owned business trying to keep afloat despite the pressure from super-big corporations. I’ll be answering the phone, doing computer work, and other stuff. While they’d like a full-time person, I will just be doing part-time for now, there’s way too much going on in my life to work full-time. It was amazing how the job came about, I didn’t apply or anything, it basically just fell into my lap. A mutual friend recommended me, they emailed me, we went to see the place, they looked at my resume, and offered me the job. God is good!

But I know all y’all aren’t really interested in all these nitty-gritty details, so I’ll make an application to economics. Given that I’ve lived and breathed economics for the last year or more, what impact will that have on how I work in the “real” world?

– Thanks to economics, I realize that in order to keep my job, the value I add to the business must be worth at least how much I’m being paid, or more. My marginal productivity must offset how much I cost to the company. So that means I’m going to spend my time wisely, i.e., not texting (considering that I don’t/can’t text anyways, this shouldn’t be an issue….) or browsing Facebook while I’m supposed to be working. This means I need to be thorough and motivated to do my job well. Instead of just getting by with the bare minimum, I should be doing the absolute best possible.

– Thanks to economics, I have a good understanding of what consumers expect from a business. In these days, consumers want an excellent product and they want it now. Part of my job will be analyzing the technology and production to find more efficient ways to get information to the buyers and trying to cut out any wasted time during the process of a buyer ordering a product, the production, and the delivery, be it a delay between the actual production of a good and the progress report online or whatever.

– Thanks to economics, I realize the importance of staying one step ahead of competitors. I know that a successful entrepreneur must be constantly improving and becoming more efficient to stay in business, or else a competitor will begin gaining ground on them.

I’m not only excited about my job because, well, it is a job, but because it will be a really great experience in seeing how the market works, from the perspective of the producer. It will help me understand the capital structure better, so that will mean even better lectures on the business cycle! 🙂 It will also help me understand the negative impact government regulations have on businesses and production…but don’t get me started on that topic :-/ And I’m excited about my job because I’ll be doing something that’s really needed for the long-term success of the business (in other words, it is an important and significant job) and I’ll be part of this work to keep providing the best goods at the lowest price.

I plan to keep blogging at least once or twice a week, so don’t give up on me altogether. Haha, I remember the days when I felt really bad if I didn’t blog at least once a day. Yeah…

And I’m still going to do my webinars through March. I’m just taking it one month at a time, so we’ll see what happens after that.

But if you don’t see so many blog posts, and you don’t see me so much on Facebook, it is because I’m trying to increase my marginal productivity. 🙂

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