Thoughts on Egypt

I know that everyone is suddenly saying, “oh…I’ve got some thoughts on Egypt” or “I’ve always had a feeling about Egypt…” but hey, if you’re here reading my blog it is because you like what I say, so you might just appreciate my thoughts on the Egyptian crisis.

Frankly, I haven’t thought much about Egypt before. It is like Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. I vaguely knew they existed, but it wasn’t until everyone started talking about it that I got interested.

I was watching some of the footage from it last week. I have mixed thoughts about what’s going on there. The conventional, safe, “ordinary” side of me is thinking, “uh-oh. Watch out for those people. They are mad. And doing crazy things. I hope that never happens here.” But I was discussing the subject last week with a friend and our conversation led me to see it from another perspective. While we shouldn’t encourage violence and protests like that, at least the people recognize that they are enslaved and at least they desire liberty. Seeing all those people burning pictures of their “dear leader” (I forget his name…) and overpowering rows of police officers with black masks and all that, it does excite and inspire me a little. As my friend said, and I’m loosely quoting, “a few days of freedom, even with a little chaos, would be worth it.” If all the good people in America would rise up like the Egyptians, it would cheer my heart. But I’m afraid of something like that happening here, because you’d get the good and the bad rising up. We would have violent people who don’t respect others. We’d have entitlement-minded people interested only in looting others. There is no foundation of Common Law or property rights here, and it would get very wild very fast.

But I like seeing these bold people striking out against tyrants and upsetting the plans of world leaders.

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