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Other news:

– Some time ago I did a “Shameless Self-Promotion” post which was much more popular than I anticipated. I converted that into a page that you can find under “About me.” It has links to the sites and newspapers where my events/speeches have been mentioned.

– Starting on February 1st to mid-March, I will be doing weekly webinars. You’re wondering what the webinars will be about? AUSTRIAN ECONOMICS! These 45-60 minute online seminars will cover subjects from The Austrian Business Cycle (and what it means for us right now) to the history of Austrian economics to Mises vs. Keynes. Oh, and did I mention that they are free? Yep. Absolutely free. Room is limited, so if you plan to attend, please register so your place is saved. Read more about these EconSense Webinars here.

– I changed the permalinks structure of my site. I didn’t really think about that when I started it, and then a couple months ago I tried to change to something easier, but my theme didn’t like it and ended up eating ALL my posts. Thankfully I convinced it to give them back, but I haven’t dared try it again until now. I think it works now because I have a plugin to do something to, well, I don’t know what, but I guess it is doing the right thing. You’ll see how much nicer this structure is than the confusing and clunky default way.

So, a recap of this post:

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– Register for the upcoming economics webinars.

– Appreciate the new and lovely permalinks.


  1. Wow, Savannah. I think I’m famous just because I know you! πŸ™‚ And those webinars look very interesting! I might have to consider them now that I myself am an Austrian economist. πŸ™‚

  2. Yes, you can tell people someday, “oh yes, I knew Savannah back when she was only partially famous and when she wasn’t so busy giving speeches around the world that she had time for long phone chats with me.” LOL! I’d LOVE it if you could come to the webinars!! πŸ™‚

  3. You mean that when you’re busy giving speeches around the world you won’t have time for long phone chats with me? πŸ™ I guess I’ll just enjoy them while they last — I can’t wait for our Friday night chat! <3

    • Well, I’ll try to keep up with our talks even when I’m busy touring the world, but I can’t make any promises. And I’m looking forward to Friday night too! πŸ™‚

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