Mises Academy Class Starts Tonight!

I think the most exciting thing for me this week has been the prospect of taking this course on logic from the Mises Academy. As I’ve said before, I’m a little nervous about it, but I’m not in it to get the best grade but to learn, so even if my essays are horrible but I have learned from it, then it will be worth it. I’d like to see you at this class too, there’s still time to sign up!

On other subjects, I’m finally contemplating the idea of getting my driver’s license. I’ll be able to do it this summer, and could get my permit in a couple months. For people who ask or would like to ask, it has been a mutual decision between my parents and I. They had not great desire for me to drive at 16 and I really didn’t want to either. It is great having your own personal chauffeur, photographer, and promoter (ah-hem…I mean, my father). But there are things I’d like to do that I don’t want to burden my dad with (can anyone say, “weekly Mises Circles”?). And I will eventually have to drive. I’ve put it off for a couple years but I can’t do that forever. For those of you worried about being the friend of a rebel and potential lawbreaker, I will be getting a driver’s license. I rejected the idea of driving without a license. This doesn’t mean I’m compromising on my principles. This doesn’t mean I’m going back on some of my other crazy ideas. It is not easy for me to entertain the thought of groveling to the state, but I do take some satisfaction in the thought of using the system to undermine the system. “Haha, you think you’ve got me in your grips…well, you know what? I’m using my driver’s license to hold Rothbard Circles and teach people about the ‘anatomy of the state’!” So that’s the way I prefer to look at it. 🙂

I must be off to edit my book. This week has just slipped by  and I’m resolved to spend this entire morning editing. Should make some good progress.

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