So far this is has been a good Monday. I’m only an hour into it, but it is quite promising. Usually by this time I would be only half an hour or less into the day (because I sleep in….) but today I got up early and that’s always comforting. Well, it is nice after you get up but not while you’re laying in bed wishing the alarm clock didn’t go off and you could just forget about it. Oh well.

Here’s my favorite quote from yesterday, “A big, sovereign God frees us to be little, humble people with bright eyes and laughing hearts.” (Tony Sumpter) The gist of the article was that there’s a type of pride which sets up super-high standards for ourselves and then we feel guilt and failure when we don’t live up to these perfectionist standards. But Christ has freed us from the pressure of trying to conform to a perfect standard, for He has done that for us. Because of Christ, His sacrifice and God’s love, we can accept ourselves and our foibles. This doesn’t mean that we shouldn’t try to be better people but I think the article was trying to correct the opposite problem, the problem of trying to hard instead of not trying hard enough.

You can read the article here. Note: I don’t agree with all the theology of this site, so just be careful while reading. I think this article is solid, but I can’t speak for the rest of the website.

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