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During the holiday season it is hard to think about school and studying and all of that. But now Christmas is behind us and we need to start making plans. And what better addition to your 2011 learning than personalized tutoring in Austrian economics? And if you’re not sure if you’d really enjoy it, or if you’re not sure it will work for you, try it free for 2 weeks! This offer is good until January 1st, 2011. Simply email me at econtutor(at)savannahliston(dot)com to reserve your place. You can redeem the 2 weeks of tutoring right now or schedule it for down the road. But you must email me before January 1st to take advantage of this holiday special. Why not?

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  1. THANK YOU, Miss Liston, for my free economics tutoring!!!!! You are such a smart young lady, and you really know how to make Austrian economics understandable and exciting for the ordinary girl on the street who doesn’t know anything about it!! 😀

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