I’m Back!

You know the feeling, when your parents were gone, you were at home having a great time and then the front door opens and a voice calls, “I’m back!” I hope that’s not how you feel. I hope you are more excited about me coming back to my blog. If you are tired of a blogger blogging on their own blog, well, then don’t read their blog.

Did you have a good Christmas? We did. It was the year of warm things for me, a blanket, new coat, slippers, etc…but it was rather ironic because on Christmas Eve when we were opening presents the furnace had been going very robustly and the house was rather warm. It was too warm to enjoy all my nice new warm things. LOL!

Yesterday I completed a book of poetry I’ve been writing. It isn’t a book for publication, just my poetry notebook where I jot down, well, I jot down poems. Yes, in my other life, or maybe just a few years ago, I was a poet. My poetry has been degrading in quality for the past year or so. I hope to resurrect the glorious old skill I once had. So here goes, I’ll give you a sample of what I used to be. Even in those glorious days I couldn’t break myself of the habit of writing first-person. That’s how I started writing fiction, and got over it then, but I still am most comfortable writing poetry first-person. Maybe my 2011 resolution will be to write 100 poems in second and third person. Sounds fun! And don’t worry, I’m not really depressed or mentally troubled. It is just that I like writing very sad poetry. 🙂


Give me laughter and joy,
I will not spoil your bliss.
Give me a friend to listen,
I will never betray them.
Give me a jar full of tears,
I will not waste them.
Give me a person to love,
I will not forsake them.
Give me a grave under a willow,
I will not flee from it.
Give me a fresh breath every day,
I will not throw it away.
Give me a smile, full of hope,
I will not take only, but give too.
Give me a book, long and deep,
I will not misunderstand it.
Give me the world,
I will not use it–but
Give me your love,
I will not resist it.


Ever seen golden green?
It’s elusive, but I
finally caught it
when I wasn’t even
trying to look.
I saw it and nearly
screamed– there it was.
It was covering
the pine trees
outside my window.
They were soft
and yellow mellow,
with golden green.
They were gently tossing,
I wanted to kiss it,
it looked like a world
out of a dream,
the world of golden green.


Thank you
so much for having
me over.
I know I’ve
stayed too long–
forgive me.
I have to
go, a friend is
calling me.
I must
go meet her under
the willow.
I must
go meet my dear
Life. I’ve had a
lovely time.


An early February morning.
There’s a warm spell–the
snow is quickly melting.
I see three small suns,
two in large puddles on
gentle hills in the fields,
and one in a dip of the
gravel lane, outside my gate.
They are beautiful suns.
The vague spring winds ripple
their surfaces and turn
them a translucent shimmer.
Summer has only one great
hot sun scorching the earth.
But winter-turning-spring
has many suns, shining
in the wet remains of snow-
drifts and daily blizzards.
I see three small suns,
two in the field and one in
my lane…my own sun in
my own lane.

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  1. Oh my goodness! These are so pretty and thought provoking that I wanted them to last forever. Do you have any more?

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