The Ritual

Here is another performance of the ritual wherein I open up my “Add New Post” window between 8 and 9am and stare blankly at the screen for 3 minutes and 47 seconds, after which I bleakly begin an unoriginal, boring and pointless blog post so I can say that I have posted something every day.

It really is good discipline. I tend to think that one needs to write only when you are “inspired.” Of course, I make myself inspired pretty quickly if I need to…but that only applies to fiction, so I’m a little lost when it comes to blog posts. If I wasn’t recently made angry about some political subject, then I draw a blank. My only thread of comfort is that I’ll eventually become so good at writing I won’t have to struggle with it everyday. The discipline shall make me strong…or so I hope.

On an extremely random note: my family is getting a real Christmas tree for Christmas. It is the first time we have ever done so. For the past 10+ years we just dig out the old fake one from the attic. And it is funny how things shrink. It used to be such a big tree, but now I see it is so little and so shabby, with gaping holes and crooked branches. Or perhaps I have just grown…I’m not sure. That reminds me, there’s this large angel structure made out of wire and covered with lights that this business puts up in Rockford every year. I remember seeing it when I was little and thinking how huge it was. It was looming and gigantic. And this year when we went by I thought perhaps they had reduced the size of it, due to the recession. It was so small! It is maybe 12 feet tall, that’s it. Years ago I was sure it was at least 30 feet. But we were talking one day and I said that when I have my own family, I want to go out and cut our own Christmas trees and make that a tradition. So I guess my parents decided we would try it. So that’s exciting. We are all excited about the prospect of having a real live Christmas tree.

Today some of the Listons (that “some” includes me) are going Christmas shopping. It should be interesting because I suspect we will all be shopping for each other (there must be some semblance of secrecy to the day…they have to pretend that they’re buying it for someone else and I must pretend I didn’t see it, or else pretend to believe them). It should be quite fun. Reminds me of the song (I heard it by Andy Williams), “Charade.” Okay, I’m really getting off subject here. Must stop.

What do you people do for Christmas? My favorite part of Christmas is eating fudge. 🙂

I have a great and vast weakness for fudge. Wasn’t it the old Greek plays, where they had some hero who had a tragic flaw? Oedipus who was so heroic and great, but sadly he had the tragic flaw of accidentally killing his father and marrying his mother. So while I may be a great Austrian, a pretty good sister, a decent daughter, a tolerable writer, etc…I do have the tragic flaw of loving fudge, and probably too much. It will probably be my downfall. It will be over a pan of fudge that the Marxist convinces me that he is right. It will with the remains of fudge around my mouth that I recant Mises and pledge my eternal support to the General Theory of Keynes. So I must be very careful. Very careful indeed, when it comes to fudge. Especially fudge with marshmallows in it. But I will still heartily enjoy my Christmas fudge. YUM!! 🙂

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