Happy Wednesday

You may have noticed a few troubling things developing on my blog.

1) I have very boring and non-creative post titles. A few months ago I would have been ashamed to start this off with a “Happy Wednesday” but look at what I’m doing now!

2) I haven’t posted much about economics or politics in the last week or so. Why? Everyone else is, and I feel that there really is not much I can contribute to the discussion.

I feel like I can still support liberty by just being a normal human being who does other things besides watch C-Span and read Man, Economy, and State. For instance, I’m writing a book right now. Well, I actually finished writing the book, it is being prepared for publication right now. It is a novel. It does have some political themes, but it is a novel and I didn’t write it to fight the battle against tyranny, I wrote it because I was inspired through the interesting characters and plots. It is work of art regardless of the political undercurrent. I think it is good that we do beautiful things and not just focus on stopping some bill from going through Congress or moving to some nearly anarchic community. You see, that’s one reason why I would hesitate to move to New Hampshire or some of those other places. I don’t have a sense of it being a beautiful place with people who appreciate beautiful things. Do the Free State people read Dickens and Dostoevsky? I would suspect most don’t, and I probably wouldn’t if I moved there. And what kind of life is that?

Last year I was pretty obsessed with all the politics stuff. But I’m moving out of that phase, and have been, I think. I find time to do other things, like write books, play music (my sisters and I have our own trio going now, it is totally awesome…I’ve waited so long to be able to play the Largo from Vivaldi’s Winter with my own family!!) and do fun stuff. As my family knows, I come up with these really crazy ideas sometimes. Right now I’m in the midst of a flower-making frenzy. I found this pattern online to make little fabric rosettes, I made some to put on a pair of ballet flats I have which are quite boring. Now they have silvery-sparkly flowers on them. It is so much fun when I see some project online and then do my own variations on it. “Let’s see…that pattern uses cotton, can I use glittery netting instead?” and all sorts of interesting things.

So, you see, that’s why I haven’t posted much lately on political issues. I’m having too much fun doing other things. 🙂

P.S. It isn’t like I’m totally leaving politics behind. I still like it (to some degree…these neo-cons and liberals are driving me quite mad) and I still ♥ economics, but I feel like life should more than that. Don’t worry, there will be some story soon enough that will outrage me and I’ll be forced to come here and rant because no one else will listen to me!

P.P.S. I don’t have anything against those brave people who are part of the Free State Project and other similar movements. It is just that’s not the kind of lifestyle I want. If they’re happy with it, good for them, but I wouldn’t be.


  1. Despite what you read online, many FSP participants are probably a lot more like you than you might think. I travel for a living and play music pretty regularly when I’m home in New Hampshire. I’m not much of a novel reader, but I appreciate the arts, particularly the performing arts. It’s not like we all live in some kinda hippie commune (and I actually live in Keene… though I was there before anyone else who you’ve probably read more about). Sure I occasionally hit the committee hearings in Concord or put up a letter to the editor of the local paper. But I do a whole lot of other things, too. And, yes, I’d say New Hampshire is a pretty beautiful place, and a lot of the people in NH do appreciate beauty… 🙂


    • Thank you for your thoughts…I’m glad to hear from someone who lives there, as what I suspect is just internet hearsay. I did rather imagine it to be a hippie community where everyone lives in mobile homes, lol. There aren’t many people I know who share my taste in the arts (the way I look at it, the older anything is, music, book, etc…) the better it must be, so I would be quite surprised to find a like-minded community in New Hampshire. I have no doubt that New Hampshire is very beautiful, I’d really like to travel to New England and see what it is like. And I didn’t mean that FSP people don’t appreciate beauty, it is just that beauty is subjective and so the things I would appreciate (Beethoven String Quartet, Henry James novels…) might not be so popular there. But it would be fun to go visit and see what it is really like! Thanks again for your comment. 🙂

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