Holiday Special on Economics Tutoring!

I’m feeling pretty generous right now, so I decided to offer a special deal on the tutoring rates. If you aren’t really sure how it would go and don’t want to commit to anything, I will give you two weeks of tutoring absolutely free. You email me at econtutor(at)savannahliston(dot)com and tell me what you’re interested in. Maybe something like, “you know, I don’t really understand all of this about QE2 and the Fed…what is it all about?” Or “I had to read part of The Wealth of Nations for school and I don’t know what to think of Adam Smith and his economic ideas.” Or “I didn’t really like economics in school, and I know that what the government tells us is all wrong. Can you give me a quick overview of Austrian economics, the foundation of it, and what makes it different from other schools of thought?” The possibilities are endless. Really. And you will get 4 hours of one-on-one teaching and discussion about these topics. I will give you some recommended reading, maybe even draw up a course plan so you can keep pursuing your topic of interest. As we progress and encounter new questions or confusion, I will do the research to figure it out and present the material to you in a way that makes sense to you and is, to use my favorite word, “intuitive.”

Warning: I probably won’t feel this generous after Christmas, so I recommend that you take me up on the offer soon. We don’t have to start until after Christmas if you’re busy over the holidays, but to make it count, you have to email me before Christmas and say you are interested and want to take me up on the offer. What is there to lose?

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