Church Moving!

Our church is moving from North Alpine to Guilford. 6310 Guilford Rd, to be exact. We’re moving into what is (until tomorrow) Shiloh Evangelical Free Church. Then on Friday it will become Grace Reformed Baptist Church. So last night we finished packing and getting everything into the trucks in preparation for Friday. It was really difficult. First of all, the pizza was extremely good. I couldn’t stop eating it. And then there were the Oreo’s…and between standing around doing nothing I was forced to stand around holding a place of delicious little cakes and candies in an attempt to get people to eat them all. And of course I had to my part and eat some as well. The spice and nutmeg petit fours were especially good. I had to try one of each, you know. It was my duty. And then when I wasn’t eating pizza or petit fours or standing around talking I was helping the little kids dust the church. Actually, it was more like I was trying to keep them out of the way and somehow occupied. They each had a duster and dusted everything (even though practically nothing in the church had to be dusted…yeah, we keep it super-clean) and they weren’t exactly efficient, for a while I tried to make sure that 2 or 3 kids didn’t dust the same thing, and then realized that my goal wasn’t efficient dusting but rather a job that took up a lot of  their time, so after that I just let them dust anywhere, even though it had been dusted multiple times already in the past 5 minutes. It was very hard work. I actually felt a little bad that I wasn’t really doing anything (yes, I do have a heart after all!) but there were already so many people and so much stuff in the room that I was mostly in the way. So I went back to eating petit fours. 🙂

And that is how I helped with the church move.

Disclaimer: We got to church early and we actually did do some work then. We had to carry like 40 boxes upstairs to be loaded on the truck. It was me, my sisters, and another few little kids. So it was a little tricky to organize all of them (and make sure one of them didn’t take the box labeled “Fragile”!) and yet carry things up myself…and do it all rather quickly as the guys were waiting to load the tables on which the boxes were. And then we had to take a bunch of chairs upstairs. Imagine 7 little people going up the stairs with these chairs that are bigger than they are. Yeah, that’s how it was. So I’ve got this stack of chairs and I’m trying to get up the stairs and the kids have created a sort of roadblock because they can’t get the legs of the chairs up to the next step. So I had to try to help them all (actually a couple of my older sisters helped too) get up the stairs. It was really, really cute. They were trying so hard to help out and were so excited about it. So lest you think I did nothing, I did help, but that was before most of the people came and took my job. 🙂

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