What’s New?

So you’ve probably noticed some slight changes on the site.

I’ve decided to switch my focus from teaching an online class to online tutoring. Why? This is the way of the free market. I’ve concluded that perhaps teaching a full semester of economics may be too daunting for some and the time commitment too great. If you sign up for it before December 13th, I may still teach it, but with such a small group as I have right now, it really isn’t worth the work I’ll have to put into it. So what’s this online tutoring all about?

Instead of expecting students to conform to the same curriculum, time-length, difficulty of study, etc…I will be teaching students individually and developing a course plan unique to them. It might just be a month of study on the Federal Reserve. Then in a few months you might want to learn more about Keynesian economics and why it is so bad. We might study that for a month or two, depending on your time and interest. It might be just a summer project when school is out, maybe studying the business cycle.

Why might this interest you?
– With the amount of information provided online by the Mises Institute, it is sometimes hard to determine exactly what will be useful to your particular needs, and it is difficult to stay focused on one topic. “Hey, I was going to study the history of economic thought but here’s a lecture on environmental economics that looks really neat.” Having someone help you do the research and decide what materials to cover will help cut down on wasted time and allow you to focus on whatever area interests you most.

– If there’s no accountability it is easy to fall behind and not accomplish things. “I’ve been meaning to read Human Action for the last 6 months, but I just keep reading the first chapter over and over.” With someone there to help you reach goals and provide accountability you’ll be able to learn far more.

– Instead of taking a course that doesn’t fit your needs or interests exactly, you can have a course of study that is at your level of learning, in a time-frame that works for you, and only covers the areas that you are specifically interested in. Of course, depending on what areas you want to study we may have to research other things as well, but the depth of study is all up to you. For instance, if we were going to study the business cycle that would require a solid understanding of the capital structure to see where exactly the market goes wrong during the business cycle and the real cause of it.

So that is what’s new around here. There is no “deadline” for signing up, but there are specials right now, check out this page for more details, or email econtutor(at)savannahliston(dot)com, or just comment on this post if you have any questions.

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