What I’m Thankful For

Since this is, after all, a sort of political/economic blog, I’m going to put a free market twist on what I’m thankful for. This is not in any particular order, I just write as things come to me.

I’m thankful for…

– Apple and their amazing and beautiful computers that make life so much fun and so much easier than Microsoft could ever do.

– The Mises Institute and their relentless dedication to doing interesting things, sharing knowledge, and of course, being nice to me.

– My friends who agree with me because it makes me feel like I’m not so crazy.

– My friends who don’t always agree with me because it makes life more fun. What would we do if we just sat around nodding happily and saying, “quite right, quite right” all the time?

– Anyone who has written a book that I’ve read (and liked). And I suppose I’m thankful for all those book that I would like if only I read them.

– The government’s failure so far to control the weather, that we have all these wonderful seasons and we know when they are coming, we can look forward to the snow, and enjoy the autumn weather, plant bulbs because we know that spring will come…and send in our scholarship application for Mises University because we know that July will come. And I’m glad they haven’t gotten rid of the rain yet, I really do like rainy days.

– Bluehost and their help when I ruin my website. And my thanks to everyone else who has helped me or tried to help me with my site. I’m forever indebted to you. My website is extremely important, and if I ever permanently lost it, I’d be just crazy with grief.

–  The government and how much amusement they give to my days. I’d be more thankful if we could just look back on those “bad ole days” when there was a state, but not everything can happen at one time. We start laughing at it, seeing how crazy it is, and pretty soon it will be gone.

– My family and how nice it is that I can be with them and not shipped off to some government indoctrination school. Or packed off to college with a load of debt, propaganda, and only a piece of paper to show for it.

Well, I guess that’s about it for now. Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. “What would we do if we just sat around nodding happily and saying, “quite right, quite right” all the time?”

    We would all drink delicious port. 🙂

  2. I assume you didn’t want that first comment, so I deleted it. Sorry if you really meant to post both. Lol, maybe that is what we would do if we all happily agreed all the time…only problem is, I don’t the government would be very pleased if I were to do it, at least not yet. I have a feeling they discourage teenagers from drinking port. 🙂

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