A Good Week

I hope you are having a good week because mine is going just great. I’m actually sticking to my schedule pretty well and doing what I wanted to accomplish. I’m reading the first couple chapters (or sections in chapters, depending on how they are set up) in four different books, “Conceived in Liberty,” “Man, Economy and State,” “Democracy: The God That Failed,” and “The Great Gain of Godliness.” I have yet to tackle Man, Economy and State. Usually I read in bed right before I go to sleep, and it is a little cumbersome to hold that large volume and the study guide. So I’ll do it today at my desk.

I’m also hoping to have my novel finished this week so I can send it to the proof editor. When I used to play piano (I still do, but I don’t have a teacher…it is just for fun now) whenever I would finish a song, my teacher would say, “that’s really good. Of course, there’s always more that could be done, but this is good.” That’s something like how I feel about my novel. I keep messing with it. A little change here, a little of this, a little tweaking there, so I’m trying to get all of that done this week and then just leave it alone and let the other people do their job.

Spanish is getting a little boring, I think I need to speed it up a little. I usually “get” it before the lesson is done, so I’m doing a ton of boring review on things I already know. When it becomes harder I’ll probably need all the review I can get, but right now it is fairly easy. Last night I also learned how to balance chemical equations. It is pretty fun, if I really didn’t have anything else to do.

All for now. 🙂

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