Update on Online Class

I’m sorry folks, if you missed the deadline for the discounted registration. Your only chance now is to get more than 5 people to sign up with you, and you can get the group rate of $35 per person. But I’ve been thinking about some other things too. In case you’re afraid that this class is going to be a little boring (or maybe slightly fun) but just not practical and relevant to your life, I have a solution. During the last couple weeks of the course, we will spend our live lecture time discussing current problems. After getting such a solid foundation, we can tackle some of the tough questions that we’re all dealing with right now. But the best part of it all? You get to decide what we talk about. If you are a participant in this course, then you get to decide what questions we talk about. Maybe those socialists are constantly plaguing you about some apparent flaw in the free market and you just wish you had the time to come up with a response. Then we can discuss that. If you give me the question ahead of time, I’ll do the research and give you some ideas for how to respond. And you might be tempted to ask, “can’t I skip the other lectures and just attend these Q&A sessions?” And I’d say, “actually, it would be better if you attended every lecture. You see, the whole course will be building up to these real-world problems and questions. The theories and ideas we learn throughout the course will make it possible for us to understand how the economy works now, or actually, how it isn’t working. Not only that, but if you attended every lecture and had this strong economic base, then it will be a piece of cake for you to rip apart any Keynesian propaganda, any socialist arguments, or even any Monetarist nonsense, at any time…not just during the course, but while you’re having dinner with a friend, or confronted by an activist, or watching the evening news.”

Are you convinced yet?

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