Tom Woods at ISU

You’ll have to forgive me today if I do anything really stupid. I’m a little low on sleep. We got back from Illinois State University at about 1am today. And thanks to my dear siblings I was awake by about 7am. But it was totally worth it. Warning: I can’t help but do a little bragging in this post. So if that bothers  you, don’t read it. And frankly, I will understand if you don’t read it. If I weren’t me, I probably wouldn’t read it either. Which makes you wonder why I’m going to do it, if no one will read it. But remember, I’m not thinking quite straight today, so don’t blame me.

Okay, so we got to sit in the first 3 rows at the lecture hall, since we were Federal Reserve Note Sponsors. That means I wanted to go to the VIP reception afterwards, but was too cheap to go for the Silver or Gold sponsorship. So here’s where I start bragging. The M.C. for the night was Prof. Terry Noel of ISU…and I knew him. I met him recently at a Tea Party event. And then he introduced a couple C4L coordinators who put the thing together…and I knew them too. It was a great temptation for me to wave or do something that show that, “hey, I know these people more than the rest of you. I’m really ‘in.'” And then I pretty much knew everything that Tom Woods talked about. But as I told him (yes, I mean Tom Woods…I really did talk to him!) later, the important thing was that it was Tom Woods, and  it doesn’t matter how many times I’ve something, to hear Tom Woods teach it is always worth it.

And then afterwards everyone rushed to the public book signing and I’m like, “yeah, whatever. Go ahead, ye common masses. I’m going to the VIP reception. I can have him sign the book there.” So then we headed into the VIP reception where I knew most of the people. It really was fun, to see all my old C4L friends again. Tom Woods did sign my book. I also met some new people and that was fun too. Then Tom Woods came over to the desert table (he’s a smart guy) and asked when I was coming back to the Mises Institute. Now, not everyone has Tom Woods ask when he will see you again. I think it is rather significant.

It was also a great temptation to tell people, “Oh yeah, it was a long drive down here, and I’ve already seen Tom Woods twice, and I came this time just for my dad…” and make it sound like I was such good friends with Tom Woods an event like this didn’t excite me at all.

And thanks to the persistence of my friend, we finally found out why the Woods family moved to Kansas. It is a top secret answer, sorry, I can’t divulge all the details here.

So after I talked to nearly everyone, chatted with Tom Woods, etc…we decided to leave. The end.

Okay, now for the real story…

I don’t really know Tom Woods all that well. And I still think it is really cool to talk to him. He still has that celebrity-like status. I enjoyed his speech. And there were a few things in there I hadn’t heard before, although he totally stole my line about regime uncertainty. But since I’m an anti-IP sort of person, I can’t really say that he stole my line. And since it wasn’t my line first either, I don’t think that argument would hold up. But what he said was remarkably similar to things I’ve said. No, I’m not implying that he listens to my YouTubes and gets all his info from me. Lol, it is actually more like I listen to his lectures and read his books and then give speeches about it. And I didn’t know quite everyone there. I tried to meet everyone by the end of the evening, but it wasn’t like I was good friends with all the important and influential people.

So you’re probably thoroughly confused by this point, I’m sorry. I just like to make stories out of what I do, so I can laugh at my antics. Problem is, I don’t actually commit most of the interesting antics that I write about. So then I have to correct myself and tell the true tale.

Suffice to say, it was a good evening and I had a great deal of fun. 🙂

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  1. LOL – “Go ahead, ye common masses.” You crack me up sometimes. 🙂 Glad you enjoyed yourself!

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