Thank You, Bush…for the TSA

I guess the title of this post gives it all away. There’s been much commotion these days over the TSA. Haven’t you noticed? It is here, and here, if that’s not enough, then here, here and here. As many are saying, it is just out of control. There is no way that anyone will convince me to fly while there are still these scanners, still these pat-downs, still the horrible TSA. I’d rather miss Mises U or seeing Ron Paul than go through that. And I hope the conservatives are happy now. I hope the Republicans are satisfied. This is the result of their fear-mongering, of their insensible rage and hate against anyone who might be Muslim.

You must be truthful and realize that we just can’t blame the Democrats for this one. They’re not big into this xenophobic mania and intense nationalism. If anything some Democrats (not necessarily the politicians but the Democratic activists, writers, etc…) are advocates of human rights and dignity. Being searched by the TSA is not upholding human dignity.

It is the Republicans who say that the end justifies the means. That it doesn’t matter that the TSA is a blatant affront to all that we claim to believe. “If we don’t listen to the TSA some evil Muslims will come blow up America and then where will we be? There won’t be any great American principles then.” It is rather ironic, these are the people who are deathly afraid of Shari’ah law being instated in America. “Can you imagine, my daughter might have to wear a burqa!” But somehow it is okay for some absolute stranger to give your daughter an invasive pat-down. Yeah.

I know that everyone will blame Obama for this. But it isn’t Obama’s fault. It is Bush’s fault. It is his fault for promoting the idea that either you are a fervent nationalist or a terrorist plotting to destroy America. There is no room in his ideology for those who simply want to be free and to be left alone.

So if you have the unfortunate occasion to go through airport security, just thank our dear president, George Bush.

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