Okay…I’m looking for help, ideas, suggestions, advice, on how to promote my online class. I’m sure the socialist would point out that I’m selfishly  motivated, which is true (who isn’t selfishly motivated?) but let me remind the socialist that I’m also offering something of value (I hope) to consumers. But I’m also motivated by more “noble” desires as well, I want to share this material and this information about free market economics with as many people as possible. So for that reason, I’m asking if anyone has any ideas about how to spread the word about it. If I uploaded the .pdf for a flier, would you print it off and give it to people? Do I need another YouTube video? I’m trying to move away from the old-fashioned ways of advertising (fliers, etc…) because this class is much bigger than that. This class has the potential to reach far more people through the internet, so that’s why I did the YouTube…if the class is online, I need to advertise online…is my kind of thinking on it. Anything else? What else might help convince your friends/family/neighbors to take it?

Warning: Top Secret Information…If I can pull it off, I would like to do a free 1 or 1.5 hour class, maybe in December, just so people can see what it is like, get a taste of how I teach, and perhaps they would be interested in coming back for more. I did say, “If I can pull it off.” I’ve got a lot going on right now, and I haven’t figured out the logistics, but watch for that, if it turn out.

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