Why? Because the Republicans have won, of course!

Okay, I’m just being sarcastic. But a lot of people aren’t sarcastic when they proudly extol the Republican victories. Ugh. As someone over at noted, that just means more war and more spending.

I’m glad I spent my November 2nd in a more productive way. I finished up the first lecture for my online class. It was a little tricky, a lot of reading for me and more running around the internet than usual. I’ve lectured on much of this before, so it is familiar. The first lecture, however, is about Aristotle, the Scholastics, Cantillon, and Adam Smith. It took me quite a few days to finish it, but that is done now, and I’m excited to move on to the next lecture which is going to be really fun. Don’t get me wrong, the first one is going to be just fantastic to teach, but the second one is about all the stuff I’ve lectured on a dozen times and it is one of my favorite parts of Austrian economics.

At any rate…an election report:

So Rand Paul won his Senate seat. I’m happy about that, we need a Paul in the Senate. I wish his views were more inline with his father, but I guess you can’t have your cake and eat it too. But speaking of Rand…I think the most exciting election result I heard was that Ron Paul kept his seat.

Locally…the incumbent won the sheriff’s position, 57% to 43%. I had almost dared hope that Aaron Booker would win, but that was not to be. In consideration, I wouldn’t be a bit surprised if the voting was rigged in Rockford. It seems that the smaller the election, the easier it would be to rig it. Each vote has more “power” in a local election as opposed to a presidential election. So you’d have to rig less votes to get your desired outcome. But it also seems that it is easy to rig larger elections as well, especially with this new electronic voting. So I don’t think there is much chance of actually getting anyone really, really good into office. Like, can you imagine Ron Paul actually being elected president? IF a total media blackout didn’t prevent it, and IF their horrific smearing and dirt-throwing didn’t stop him, then they could just rig the votes. And IF that didn’t work, for some reason, they could just assassinate him, as others have been. And that reminds me, Lew Rockwell has a new podcast out today about JFK and that whole story. They actually recorded this last week…I stood in the studio the same day that they recorded this, and I actually got to hear part of the interview from the computer where my friend did the audio editing of it. So you should listen to it, if only for my sake. 🙂

A friend of mine was running for County Forest Preserve Commissioner, and she did not win. I was really hoping she would. She was running on the platform that the County Forest Preserve has plenty of land already and doesn’t need to keep taking land out of private hands.

And I was made a little hopeful to see that for the most part, people voted against an increase in taxes, or bans on alcohol, or any other increase in the size of the state.

I don’t even know about the other big races, haven’t seen yet about Pelosi or some of the others. It doesn’t really matter, in the end. Whoever wins Pelosi’s seat will just have to talk the talk better than she did and not be quite so ostentatious with their use of taxpayer money and the Tea Party and the rest of the conservatives will be happy.

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