Monday Morning

“Monday morning is the time you must do everything you didn’t want to do the week before.” ~ Anonymous

Actually, that’s my quote. It looks better if I say it is anonymous. I still have some unpacking to do from my trip. It is mostly just running around the house, putting little things back where they belong, but I don’t really feel like that. So in the meantime I’m tripping over bags and shoes whenever I try to exit or enter my room. I’ve got 18 items on my to-do list for this week. Granted, some of them are easy, like making a phone call. But the majority of them are more involved, like create curriculum for online class or read my books (all 13 of them…). But I love to have things to do, so this is good.

Things to watch for…I’m going to try to put a little video later this week promoting my class. While I don’t expect it to go viral, I do hope that you will use it to spread the word about this opportunity, so prepare for that. I’m also going to try to make a video out of the audio recording I have of my speech at the Tea Party Townhall this September. Audio is so boring by itself, I’m going to see if I can’t add some fun graphics or something to make it interesting.

All for now…must get busy! Perhaps I’ll have time later today to write something deeper and more profound, lol.


  1. I think the video will do great good. I have recommended your course to five students already, and this would help convince their parents it will be worth it.

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