The War of Terror

oops…I mean, of course, the War on Terror. Silly me, to think that a war waged against terror could be terror itself. This politically incorrect man seems to think so, here at

Enough with the sarcasm. The article I linked to above goes very well with my book which will be coming out early next year. It was going to be a short story anthology and now I’m not quite sure. I’m beginning to hope that it might actually turn out to be a novel. Novels are so much more impressive, don’t you know? I can call myself an economist and a novelist. That sounds very good. Much better than a “short story writer.” But as many have noted before, stories have an odd way of taking their own unexpected direction. They don’t follow your instructions very well. So we’ll see how it all turns out, but the article I mentioned fits perfectly with one of the themes in my story.

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