Tuesday Morning

I don’t really have time to launch into one of those subjects I keep meaning to write about. I must prepare my economic and history classes for the week.

Yesterday I was working on the first lesson for my online class starting next semester. Exclusive information: If I can get this class prepared in the next few weeks, I might even do another one on American history! So for the first lesson I went back to Aristotle, Thomas Aquinas and the Scholastics. It was very interesting. I had studied Aristotle and Aquinas from a religious perspective so it was fun to find out how their philosophies affected their economic thinking. And then today or tomorrow I’ll be looking at the early Classical school, J.B. Say, Adam Smith, etc…and that should be enlightening. Not many people realize how deeply flawed Adam Smith was. I think that this background on the Austrian school will help the students realize how important Menger was, what a significant development the theory of marginal utility was and so forth.

So…if you’re interested in an online class unmasking some of the lies the government has told us about American history, please let me know. 🙂

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