Speech Topic?

Giving a speech in a couple weeks in Dublin, trying to think of a topic along the lines of “Vigilance and Freedom: Past, Present and Future.” That title seems to have a lot of potential. I will have enough time (around 45 minutes) to maybe going into detail on times when Americans weren’t vigilant (can anyone say, “Federal Reserve”?) and times when they were, such as Jefferson protesting the Alien and Sedition Acts. I’m looking for suggestions or ideas as well.

P.S. Dublin Georgia…not the famous Dublin. Sorry…didn’t want to mislead you there, but it does sound very impressive if I just say Dublin. 🙂

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  1. Maybe investigate some of the issues facing people in Georgia ? Or you could give a report on what you Northerners are doing to maintain your Freedom ? Al least some hints for the upcoming election.

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