Report on the Economic Workshop

My initial reaction to the whole day: Wow. I’m tired.

Not sleeping well the night before certainly doesn’t help. I made more mistakes today than usual, “why does a value have good? Oh, oops…I mean, why does a good have value?” but I couldn’t really help that.

I don’t know about everyone else, but I certainly had fun. That was a great day! It was more enjoyable than having to cram as much as I could into 30 minutes or something like that, as when I speak at other events. I actually stayed on-time and we had plenty of time for discussion and questions.

It was nice to be able to present the whole foundation of Austrian economics, from a priori knowledge (the action axiom) to entrepreneurs, competition, inflation, etc…I enjoyed it all very much, as I hope the students did. And thanks to the Mises Institute and Jeremy Davis, I was able to send everyone home with lots of fliers, info, booklets and even a copy of “Pictures of a Socialistic Future.”

Memo to People Who Rule the World with a Weather Machine: Next time I have an economic workshop can you make it about 10 degrees cooler (about 65 would be perfect, but we could be content with 70) and a strong cool breeze, preferably from the south? It just gets a bit warm in the barn when it is 80 degrees out. And I wish the weather would be a bit more predictable, I never would have guessed it would be 80 degrees here in the middle of October. Thank you for your cooperation.

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