A Sneak Peek…

I haven’t written on many weighty subjects this week.  Believe me, it is all in my mind, I just haven’t had the time to sit down and write it all down.

First off, today and tomorrow you can watch the speeches from the Mises Institute’s Supporters Summit here. I couldn’t make it to this event, so I hope to watch some of it over the internet. I hope you do too! It is on the “economic recovery” (aka Washington’s Big Lie) and promises to be very interesting.

I thought I’d give you a peek at some things I hope to write about in the next few days….

Last week a friend suggested that I write about voting. So I’ve been thinking about that this week, my views, as an anarcho-capitalist, on voting…is it okay to do as long as you know it isn’t going to do it anything? Is it wrong to vote? Does it hurt our cause? I’m not sure, I hope to have things figured out for myself soon.

I also came up with a very interesting subject today…I’ve noticed that most anarcho-capitalists are not religious and definitely not Christian. While I’m not prepared to address the issue of Christians being anarchists (I don’t have the answer…I don’t feel I’m qualified to make any sort of stance) I do want to explore the issue of human depravity and anarchy. As a Christian, I believe that we are sinful. I believe that sin has corrupted our whole being, will, heart and mind. It seems that there’s this almost utopian undercurrent to some anarchist ideas. The idea that if we had anarchy life would be just so good. They might not go so far as to say it will be perfect, but they seem to take for granted our inherent goodness. This reminds of the 60’s, and before that, the Enlightenment. At any rate, this is something I’d like to write more about. What is a realistic view of anarchy if one embraces the idea of natural depravity?

Oh, and then there’s D’Souza….my mom saw him on TV today…I think his idea about Obama’s father and all that is just crazy. It is ridiculous. Not to mention how that interpretation demonizes those who might object to the “colonializing” of the world…”oh, you don’t like our empire? You must be like Obama!” That’s just my initial impression, I’d like to research it a bit more.

So really, I have plenty to write about, but a scarcity of time. As Prof. Herbener said at Mises U, “time marches on, and we are powerless to stop it.” Day after day goes by and yet I don’t write a thoroughly long blog piece. Maybe next week 🙂

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