No News, Really

Perhaps it is too early in the morning…I just can’t seem to find something to write about. My mind is very focused (okay, no, I’m never very focused, how can one be on a Mac? But I’m trying pretty hard to stay concentrated) on the Economic Workshop on Saturday. Thanks to a generous friend, Jeremy Davis of Houston, I’ve been able to buy a large¬†grease-board, markers, etc…and also I splurged and bought my own color ink cartridge. You don’t know how ridiculous this is. There is no one in Winnebago who prints color anymore. No one. Not the library. Not the drug store. No one. It is always quite the nightmare for me to find somewhere to print fliers or whatnot….so I told myself, “Come on, Savannah, really. You have the money. This would be a perfect way to put it to use. Just do it.” So I bought a $25 color cartridge. I know I can probably get it cheaper somewhere else, but I’m not ready to go running around Rockford looking for a $5 deal. So I came home and designed some fliers for my online class and printed them….in color. Suffice to say, they look very nice.

Back to the grease-board. It really isn’t feasible right now to get a big screen and projector and all for powerpoints. But I wanted some way to visually explain some of these economic concepts. Hence, the grease-board. I’m a little torn about it. On the one hand, I can see it as being outdated, clumsy to use, etc…and just not as useful as some of this new technology. But on the other hand, I think I’ll like the spontaneity of a grease-board over a prepared powerpoint. If someone doesn’t know how to spell a word, I can write it on the board. If we get off on another topic I wasn’t planning on, I can still draw diagrams and all. It seems to allow more freedom. But I haven’t used it for an actual event yet, so we’ll see how I feel after Saturday.

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