Business-Government Partnership

I got an interesting email this morning. I’m inclined to believe it is merely spam. My apologies to the author if it is legitimate. I read a lot of my spam mail when I want to laugh, so the format and language of this message is eerily similar to what Gmail sends to my spam box. At any rate, this person asked me to look at their website and comment on their proposal to save our nation. I guess they hope it will get rid of the state debt and I don’t know what else. Basically, it comes down to a stronger business-government partnership. And this smells like mercantilism to me. Crony capitalism. Political entrepreneurship. We either have a free market or we don’t. And if the government plays any role in the market, it must be negative. It cannot be helpful. It cannot be for our good.

So, if you wrote that email, that’s my response. I won’t be emailing you…and if you really are just spamming me, please don’t write again.

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