Today: Very Happy Day

Today was another day in which I received a package in the mail from a place I’m very familiar with. 🙂

Next to my desk…

There is a rather large box full of fliers and books donated by the Mises Institute, specifically the book by Mises, “The Place of Economics in Learning” and the flier, “Why Austrian Economics Matters.” This came in the mail today.

There’s a box next to it full of copies of “Pictures of a Socialistic Future”…donated by a friend for my workshop. And behind that and spilling over the bottom shelf of my books are hundreds of copies of “The Free Market.” And if I didn’t have quite enough copies…I requested some copies of the one featuring the article, “The Sovereign Individual.” Before those arrived, I had the others nicely stacked, but after getting about 100 of them I gave up on any order…hence I’m drowning in “The Sovereign Individual” at this moment. I haven’t had an opportunity to hand any out, but I will try my best to get rid of them.

There are some copies of “Anatomy of the State” in the mail as well, bought during the 20% off sale. 🙂

All I can say is: THANK YOU! (To the Mises Institute and Jeremy Davis specifically, but if you are reading this, thank you for reading it)

I’m more than happy to be drowning in individual sovereignty, more than happy to trip over boxes of books…I shall have many opportunities to share these materials with others.

It gives me much pleasure to think of passing along these wonderful books and fliers at Tea Party events, economic workshops and more.

P.S. My mother is also happy because I’m accumulating so much stuff around my desk, I shall soon be forced to organize it.

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