Some Ramblings

I really can’t understand the UK. Besides their Orwellian policies, it is very confusing. I’ve started listening to BBC Radio 3 lately for my classical music. Why I don’t just listen to WNIU, I don’t know. And if I wanted something “foreign” I could just switch over to Wisconsin Public Radio. But no, I listen to BBC instead. Now here’s the strange part. I usually get up around 7 or 7.30. When I turn the radio on (BBC) it is usually their “Lunchtime Performance” which I can understand. That makes sense, as I know IL and the UK are on different time zones. But this morning changed all of that. This morning (same time as usual) the program is “All Through the Night.” Suffice to say, this isn’t a Lunchtime Performance. So what happened? And next up is “Breakfast”…they have such creative names for their programs, lol. I don’t understand what is going on in the UK…changing their time zones or something? At any rate, it is rather irrelevant, as I like the music of “All Through the Night” and “Lunchtime Performances.”

All for now…much to do today!

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