Another Rant on the “Illegals”

Note 1: If you are a supporter of closed borders, killing illegals, deporting them, etc…then think carefully before you read this post.

Note 2: I put the word “illegal” in quotations to emphasize that the idea of people crossing an imaginary line without the permission of the government being somehow “wrong” is rather ridiculous.

I was recently treated to speech on illegal immigration. The speaker was comparing our immigration policy to that of North Korea (if you illegally cross the North Korea border you get 12 years in prison or something terrible like that), to Saudi Arabia, to Iran, etc…and wound up with, “And if you cross the American border you get free education, free healthcare, etc…” (that’s not a direct quote, btw).

I thought we were “enemies” with North Korea? And now people want us to have a similarly fierce border policy? I thought North Korea was derided by all the world for their disregard of human rights. And we want to look up to them? I thought we were contemplating a new war with Iran? I thought they were probably the most evil people in the world (with the exception of North Korea)…and we’re complaining because our border policy isn’t as strict?

It isn’t supposed to be as strict! That’s what made America great. We had more liberty than other countries. We had a higher standard of rights than other countries. We didn’t try to be like everyone else. We were different. In a sense, we were better (not in the “white man’s burden/white man’s supremacy” sense, however…that’s a different story).

I can’t understand how in one speech someone can berate our country for not being like Iran and North Korea and then expound on how great and better we are than the rest of the world and how we need to destroy this horrific countries (mainly, Iran and North Korea) for being so evil.

It just doesn’t make sense to me. Here’s how I’d write it out in some sort of logical fashion:

– North Korea and Iran have cruelly strict border policies.

– They are far inferior to the United States in the area of human rights and liberty.

– Therefore, we should have stricter border policies.

What? Something there doesn’t quite go.

Like I’ve said before, don’t blame the “illegals”…blame the system that takes from us to give to them. Don’t get distracted from the real cause of our problems: the government.


  1. Excellent post.
    The word “illegal” gets under my skin for a number of reasons. For one, it’s not illegal to be an illegal immigrant, contrary to popular notion.
    But secondly, if someone gets a speeding ticket, runs a red light, or builds a fence without a permit, no one refers to that person as an “illegal.”
    Why, then, do we refer to undocumented immigrants as “illegals” but not speeders or jaywalkers?

  2. Good point, about the word “illegal.” It really does slant the whole argument in the wrong direction. What is the famous saying…the person who defines the words (or in this case, chooses the words) wins the argument?
    So what word do you suggest instead, “immigrants”?

  3. Does then the word ILLEGAL refer to those crossing our borders without permission ? Does then the word ILLEGAL refer to those crossing our borders to use the resources of the United States of America and taxpayers money for free ? Does then the word ILLEGAL refer to those crossing our borders to deal drugs and do us harm ? These people are not immigrants, they are ? ? ? NOT WELCOME !

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