Thoughts on the “Pledge to America”

I was going to write a whole long blog post ranting about the “Pledge to America.” I decided not to bother. I wrote it, but didn’t publish it. I write things just to feel better, it doesn’t really matter if other people read it or not.

But I thought I would take this opportunity to instead point you to some very good articles:

The Bush Betrayal

And  The Reagan “Revolution”

The point of me posting these articles is that I hope they serve as a reminder to all of us. Deep down inside we want to be hopeful. We want someone we can trust who will lead us out of this pit of tyranny. And in our desperation we turn to the Republican leaders. But time has shown that they are not fit to lead. If Reagan didn’t even keep his campaign promises, how could we expect the Republican politicians now to keep their’s? We cannot put all of our eggs in this one basket, hoping that perhaps the Republicans will redeem themselves. In fact, I would not even risk one egg in that basket.

We can no longer keep playing their games, complaining over one master and choosing another only to find that one is just like the first. We can no longer put our trust in the political system. It is corrupt and morally wrong beyond measure. If there will be a real change, we must do it ourselves. We must withdraw our permission from our masters. Not as a party. Not as the collective, but as individuals. For when we are divided, we stand strong in our individual liberty. And what politician has the ability to conquer each and every one of us? This is the same belief that made the Patriots win the American Revolution long ago. And it is the same belief that will save us now.

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