An Ordinary Monday…

…as if any Monday can be “ordinary.”

Spent the morning hauling firewood and then trying to fix the registration form on this site for my economic workshop. I got an email saying that it wasn’t working so I had start over and redo it. I think that “crisis” has been resolved. Also spent some time cleaning up and putting things away from our Mises/Rothbard Circles on Saturday, which, by the way, were a tremendous success. Especially the Rothbard Circle. That was fun. I can’t wait till our next one.

Now I need to do some preparation for Thursday, I’ve been asked to speak at the Northern IL Tea Party meeting and give a report on what I learned from Mises University. I also must prepare for an economic class on Friday. We’re taking a break from history this week, I need some more time to research and prepare the lesson, as it will be on the Constitution and Articles of Confederation. I can’t be content with the politically correct story. 🙂

I was invited to attend the Northern IL Tea Party Townhall on Saturday, it looks to be a very exciting event. I spoke at the February one which drew over 200 people from the Rockford area. They have someone speaking from Illinois State University talking about “what economic recovery?” I haven’t heard him speak so I can’t guarantee he’s a thorough Austrian, but his blog seems interesting. Chris Jenner, one of the organizers of the Rally for Sound Money in Chicago recently will be speaking on the shenanigans that go on in the public school system. If you would like more info, please email Jane Carrell at  Jane(at)teaparty-nil(dot)com. Or email me. I’ll be there, I hope to see you there also!

Not much else, I have a busy afternoon/evening ahead of me…I must find some subject to write a long rant about one of these days, lol.

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