Happy Constitution Day!

I found it interesting that on one calendar, today was called, “Citizenship Day”…I suppose because the government would rather us celebrate our duties to them rather than the limits on their power. But in all honesty, what limit does the Constitution put on the national government? In teaching American History, we are studying the American Revolution and I’m preparing for the next class which will be on the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution.

I’ve found some very interesting information, some of which was familiar, some totally new. Such as the fact that the Constitution was drafted in total secrecy. I found this first off of LewRockwell.com, which made me believe it, but then later I found the same info from archives.gov…so for those of you who put much faith in the government, even they admitted that the Constitution was drafted in secret. It reminds me very much of the shenanigans that went on with the healthcare bill. Politicians have had 200+ years to practice what they do best in Washington D.C.

The idea that the Articles of Confederation were sufficient for our country and that the Constitution only led to big government and tyranny without any real benefit for us is a fascinating idea. It is very exciting to be learning so much about the founding of our country, and then to turn around and teach it to others.

So, more later after I can put all of this in some sort of coherent blog post. But don’t forget…Happy Constitution Day!


  1. Well, “Constitution Day” is certainly something you’ll never see me celebrating. For reasons why not, I recommend the following: Lysander Spooner’s “No Treason: The Constitution of No Authority.” Google it – it’s available on many sites, and here’s a full reading on mp3 by Marc Stevens: http://marcstevens.net/media/audio/interviewsother/32-no-treason-the-constitution-of-no-authority.html

    Also, give a listen to Robert LeFevre on the subject, from Mises.org: http://mises.org/media.aspx?action=author&Id=529 (scroll down to “The Constitution, Revisited.”)

    Peace & Freedom to all! (neither of which you’ll find in the “Constitution.”

  2. Thanks for that…I’ve always been interested in Lysander Spooner, but haven’t had the time to pursue his writings and thoughts. Perhaps I will find time to listen to the mp3. The only reason I can see for celebrating Constitution Day (and I mean “celebrating” in a loose sense) is to give us a time to realize 1) what the Constitution is “supposed” to do, and 2) what it doesn’t do…and if we are open-minded, it will lead us to the conclusion that the Constitution was not meant to limit big government and so never will, no matter how much we wish for it to do so

  3. “Citizenship Day” should be when all Legal Americans contribute for bus tickets for all illegals and help load them on buses for the Southern border. “Citizenship Day” should be when all POLICE can ask for proof of citizenship and JAIL and FINE those that can’t prove it. “Citizenship Day” should be when all employers FIRE all those illegals sucking our country dry ! “Citizenship Day” should be when all POLITICIANS actually work for the people and vote with some type of intelligence instead of “Whats In It For Them”. “Citizenship Day” should be when all AMERICANS carry a firearm and announce their God Given Rights !

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