Libertarianism and Christianity?

Here’s a great article by Prof. Hulsmann over at on the 4 positions Libertarians take towards Christianity and religion in general. I appreciated Prof. Hulsmann’s style of speaking down at Mises U, he became one of my favorite professors by the end of the week. And now to read this article is fascinating. There’s something about his style of writing. I can’t quite say it is like Rothbard’s in its clarity and “down-to-earth-ness.” But on the other hand, it is much easier than Mises. It is interesting because Prof. Hulsmann has a way of fitting so much into a small sentence. You might think, “oh, this is easy to read,” but it seems to me to be rather deceiving in that way, for on the contrary there is an immense amount of information and what us teens might call “big ideas.”

Anyways, I’m sure a professional literary scholar and critic could figure it out better than I, but here’s why I bothered to say it. From reading so much around writing, from reading so many books and from writing so much, I’ve become aware of the style of writing and it impacts me more than it might others. I come away from some books feeling that the author had a good point, but he was lost in the language. I get these “feelings” about different styles of writing. Sometimes these are bad feelings. But in the case of Professor ¬†Hulsmann’s article, it was a very good feeling. So don’t ask me why I “feel” that his writing is so good, I couldn’t explain it.

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