One of Those Days

Normally I’m a bit more focused, but today has been one of those crazy days.

I decided to straighten my room before my mom told me to. So I started that project, but realized I should do some laundry. While going through my clothes, I figured I should transition into more wintery clothes, which involves much more work than just throwing things in the laundry. I had to dig out some totes and bags and go through all that. I was putting a belt away when I saw how messy my “misc.” shelf was, and decided to straighten that shelf as well. I remembered something I saw online, an idea for organizing earrings, of which I have way more than any sane person should. They took an old picture frame and instead of glass and a picture, they put a piece of lace (presumably with cardboard or something behind it) in the frame, so you can stick your earrings through each of the little holes of the lace. It is pretty, but also useful. So I went searching for a frame, and found a vintage frame in a closet that had belonged to my great-grandmother. This will become significant in a moment. It was silvery colored, and obviously quite vintage-y looking. I wanted to paint it some color that goes with my room. We used to have craft paint in the basement, so I went looking for that. I couldn’t find it. I went outside to ask my sisters about it. They said that they had thrown it away some time ago. I asked my dad if he had any ideas. My mom was getting ready to go to the store. He suggested that I go with her as they might have craft paint at the store. So I did. I found my paint, bright green. I’ve discovered that green and brown are by far my favorite colors. I feel this magnetic attraction to green things…retro green lamps…trees…grass…shirts…you name it, if it is green, I will probably like it. At any rate, with that in mind, I felt compelled to buy green paint. Not because I knew I liked green, but because I like green. I don’t think that makes sense. Oh well. So I bought the paint, and we eventually came home (after buying brats and chips for our Socialist Holiday Celebration). I picked up my picture frame, and as a smart person would do, I decided to clean the frame off before I painted it. While wiping it down, I noticed that the top joints were rather loose. I asked my dad if we could glue it. I ran downstairs for the wood glue. He looked at it, and while trying to figure out how to glue it, the top wood piece came loose altogether. It took about 5 minutes to glue it all together and fasten it to dry.

So that’s where I am right now. While the glue is drying, I’ll finish all the other projects I started this morning but never quite finished. What a day. 🙂

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